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Did you miss me?
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Well, It's been more than a year since I last posted anything in my journal! March is marching right through with a mixed bag of weather as usual. It's so dismal, damp, and dreary this morning that I would seriously welcome the sparlywinter wonderland that appeared last Thursday night and Friday.  But, the weather is supposed to be great at the end of the week and Easter Sunday, so no mor complaining from me!  Have a great day, everyone! :)
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...for us anyway.

It's been awhile since I posted anything and will be a while longer before I write anything of substance. I just wanted to share the
blog my crazy brother, his crazy wife, and their crazy daughter are using to keep us up-to-date about  their transcontinental bike trip.

Those of you who pray, please think of them. It's been quite a journey so far.

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Well, I didn't contribute to the blackness of Friday's early morning stampede. ( I wasn't exactly afraid, just not motivated.)

One of my progeny, however,  braved it with his girlfriend and girlfriend's mother
. They were pushed back by angry shoppers when they tried to slink their way into the throng of desperate bargain hounds waiting for the doors to open before daybreak.

Finally inside and after taking their booty,  Bri and Matt waited in line at the checkout with just one item for 40 minutes at KMart. This item was worth the wait, a princess castle for the little princess niece.

Their turn at checkout finally arrived but their relief was short-lived when the cashier curtly informed them that this item, which was the same but in a different box, was not the item on sale. There were no more of the sale item. Saddened, they left the store without the princess prize.

Happily, they did do some shopping in other stores and found some great deals, a few which were actually Christmas presents, for people other than themselves, maybe even some for the princess! *g* All's well, that ends well.

I did some shopping today, with my feet up, eating mince pie, online...much more relaxing, y'all.

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Maybe this will give me some incentive to quit eating. *g*

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Oh, we've been messing with lots of gas leaks here.The leaks must have to do with the tree falling on our house and related injuries and reconstruction.The chimneys got hit as well as the back of our house and I could hear bricks falling down through the chimney even weeks after the accident. The leak to the dryer was caused by moving the dryer to waterproof the basement and then not hooking it back up correctly.

The first one I noticed was the dryer. I called the gas company and they officially confirmed my nose and tagged it (the line to the dryer, not my nose *g*). So, my husband fixed it and called the gas company back. This second guy said it was still leaking but he helped  Chuck fix it.Then he found some leaks the first guy didn't find --one at the hot water tank and the other in the furnace. Mr-fix-it (the hubby) fixed the water heater leak and tried to fix the furnace leak, but you know the rest of the story there. The gas is off, so we're safe for now. We'll call East Ohio tomorrow when Chuck is here and have them check it again, and possibly help him get it done.

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One of our pastors was giving statistics about people falling asleep in church.
He said, "If you take all the people that fall asleep in church,
if you take them all and lay them head to toe...................
they'll all be a lot more comfortable!"

 No one fell asleep that day.

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Sometimes you need a day to be 100% lazy, for sanity's sake if nothing else.

Today's the day~~


      Thank you, Lord for freedom ....

          and for an understanding husband.

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I guess even the Amish are not perfect at remodeling. I'm sure I overgeneralize when I think of them as such. We were thrilled to find someone who was easy to get along with and hard-working without all the cursing and bad temper that our in-law had. Plus this guy was a lot more reasonable on cost.

Our glowing opinion of them was dimmed a little today when our heating guy who used to be a sider told us that the vinyl siding that our Amish crew (one adult and a few boys) was nailed on too tight  to allow for expansion in the summer.  I went out and checked it; he was right.

We called Martin (our Amishman) and told him about it. He was a little defensive; but hopefully he'll rectify the problem.

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